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Yay, a place I’ve been, although in all honesty, only for a day. When I was working in London the travel agent through whom I booked my boss’s flights took a load of admin assistants there for the day. We flew business class, which within Europe really isn’t that big a deal, then we had a short city tour and then a couple of hours to wander around before we flew back to London.

So, what did I do during my eight hours in Barcelona?

First, I went up a hill to get an overview of the city. Then there was a visit to the Sagrada Familia cathedral. I didn’t go in, just sat outside and marveled at the architecture. Construction started in 1882 and it’s projected that it will be completed in 2026. Talk about taking your time. It is definitely an interesting building, not really my cup of tea but then I tend to prefer classical architecture.

After that, I wandered up (or was it down) La Rambla, Barcelona’s famous street. Between the two roadways is a pedestrian walkway, full of street performers, artists, souvenir hawkers, and a thousand other tourists and locals alike. There are interesting buildings and enough going on to keep you engaged for hours.

Hungry? Head over to the Mercat de la Boqueria, an indoor market packed with fruits, vegetables, seafood, cured meats, etc., many offering samples. When I was there, admittedly, 15 years ago, our guide warned us not to go behind the market, as evidently that’s where you purchase merchandise of an illegal nature. Not sure if that’s still the case, you may want to check with a local.

Need a break? Pop down to the beach. Or, like me, visit the marina and marvel at the amazing boats. But no visit to Barcelona is complete without tapas. To me, tapas are the ideal meal. Lots of little flavors, eat until you’re full and move on.

Unfortunately, I only had a day in Barcelona but it was enough to give me a taste so I want to return. Have you been? Any suggestions of places to visit on my next trip?

The next F1 race is in Monaco, and I’ve already blogged about that destination (here). So maybe I’ll talk about nearby Nice, France.  See you on June 1st.