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I'm back, at least in body. My spirit still wishes it were in Europe. So, to keep the holiday buzz going as long as possible, I will recap the posts that appeared on the Entangled in Romance blog under the Flight Risk Mom Friday banner. Some of the photos will be different, so if you've already read the posts, then at least check out the pictures. Here we go, Europe take 2:

I started my adventure in the capital of Spain. This is my first trip to this amazing city and I'm so glad I included it in my itinerary. My favourite place is Retiro Park where I wandered for over an hour enjoying the peace and tranquility in the middle of this vibrant city (well, as tranquil as it can be with four children). With a large pond, amazing buildings, and little hidden gems, I could have spent longer exploring every inch of this place.

No time to linger, however, it was off to the royal palace.

After lunch and siesta (after all, when in Spain...) we headed out into evening Madrid. The place was hopping and the street artists the best I've ever seen. We did a little pastry ogling and shoe shopping...

...then stopped for dinner--paella and sangria, of course.

The next day there was a street market near where we stayed so we wandered and bought some ripe, succulent apricots. I snapped a photo of this interesting pair of boxers. Two thoughts came to mind: first, if you have to advertise, it's probably not as big as you think; second, that's an odd place to store a banana.

Unfortunately, that's all we had time for in Madrid. Next we went to Jerez then to the Costa Tropical. Check back next post when I'll be talking about the one place I absolutely wanted to see on my European holiday. And I wasn't disappointed.

¡Hasta luego!