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Book 2

When want turns to love, it’s always dangerous.

Olivia Chapman has hidden her ugly childhood scars under a glamorous modeling career and hopes she can, one day, help teenagers as desperate as she was. But first she must care for a traumatized toddler, even though that means staying with a man she has to resist. Because if there’s one thing Olivia knows, it’s abandonment. No way will she put her heart in the hands of a man who’s sworn off commitment.

Investment banker Jonathan Davis has spent the last ten months renovating an Italian villa and getting over a nasty divorce from his supermodel wife. As a favor to a friend, he escorts Olivia to a medieval festival and battles an escalating attraction. After discovering she’s a model, his self-preservation senses tell him to bail. He’s never investing his heart in that stock again. But when his ex-wife abandons his previously unknown daughter at his door, it’s Olivia who helps ease little Hannah’s merger into his life.

Will love be strong enough to unite three lost souls into a family?


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