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“The hills are alive…” Come on, you knew it was coming sometime, might as well get it over with at the start. The Grand Prix of Austria was held last weekend in Spielberg, home of Red Bull Racing. I’ve never been to Austria, but my husband has. So today’s blog is going to follow a slightly different pattern. I’m going to interview him about his time in the country.


Me: How many times have you been to Austria?


Hubs: Twice. Both on ski trips from school.


Me: You went by coach all the way from London to Austria to go skiing?


Hubs: Of course. I flew all the way to Canada to go skiing too, remember?


Me: Yes, and married the girl who lived near the ski slopes. I guess if it wasn’t me, some Austrian girl’d have you now.


Hubs: No comment.


Me: Okay, we’re getting off topic. Aside from skiing, what is your overriding impression of Austria?


Hubs: They have mountains.


Me: Not helpful. What did you think of the people?


Hubs: They were friendly. But they kept wanting to touch my hair. Don’t mess with the ‘fro.


Me: They were probably just looking for your off switch. Anyway, what about the food? Was it good?


Hubs: Excellent. Loved the schnitzels and had I been old enough, the gluehwein.


Me: Anything else you’d like to add?


Hubs: I went, I skied, I ate, I came home. What else is there?


Me: *mutters under breath* I wonder if some Austrian woman is looking for a slightly used, mildly annoying man?


Hubs: What was that?


Me: Nothing. Thanks for your help. There you go folks. They have skiing in Austria. And food.


Well, that wasn’t very useful. Please come back next time when we resume normal blogging and head to Britain. You know I’ve been there.


Hubs: Me too. And I was born there. I’m an expert.


Me: Give me strength.