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I’ve never been to Seville. It hasn’t even been a featured setting for one of my books—yet. But I’ve decided to move there. Actually, anywhere in Andalusia would suit me. Draw a line between Seville and Grenada and then two lines straight down to the coast. You have my new home search area. So, why Spain?

First, it’s warm, and generally sunny. I like sunny. Second, I speak quite a bit of Spanish and there’s a huge British ex-pat society so my husband won’t feel isolated. Although at the moment he claims that is a detriment rather than a bonus. I also love Europe, the multitudinous cultures in close proximity, the quirkiness, the history, etc. Living in Spain will bring me back to that. And the added bonus is that with the unfortunate economic downturn in Spain, housing is relatively cheap, especially compared to Vancouver.

Another bonus, Moorish architecture. I love Moorish architecture. The gorgeous palaces, the water features, the intricate tile work. When/if we buy a house, I really want one with an internal courtyard where I can have my fountain, set up my lounger and enjoy the sunshine while reading/writing a good book.

As Seville is estimated to be 2,200 years old, you know there’s going to be history. In fact, there are three UNESCO world heritage sites in the Old Town – the Alcazar palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies. This area of Spain is also the birth place of Flamenco. And something I don’t normally mention – food. Tapas to be specific. I love the thought of small portions and variety. That’s my way to eat, lots of little samples. It’s like wandering a market and tasting all the products without all that unnecessary walking.

But the real seller: siesta. A culture where a nap in the middle of the day is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged. Yes, I’m off to Spain. Now I just have to convince the rest of the family.

photo credit: pkasco via photopin cc