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For the final post in the Played by the Billionaire series we’re heading to the Caribbean. The last destination for Liam and Lorelei is Antigua. Confession, I’ve never been to Antigua. But if anyone wants to foot the bill, I’m more than happy to go. And doing research on Antigua was no hardship. Blue skies, pristine white beaches, azure waters, rum and steel drum bands—what’s not to like?


Antigua also boasts a near perfect climate. Low 20°C (mid 70°F) in winter,  high 20°C (mid 80°F) in summer. With an annual average rainfall of 112.5 cm (45”), compared to Vancouver’s 145 cm (57”), low humidity and near-constant northeast trade winds, it sounds wonderful. No wonder Liam chose it as his escape destination.


If/when you read my prequel novella (currently titled Miss Matched but sure to undergo a title change before publication) you’ll see it is set on St. Lucia. However, as St. Lucia becomes Marcus and Crescentia’s second island home, Liam choses Antigua as he wanted a place of his own.


Antigua is also an ideal destination for sailing. With the regular winds and many harbors to explore, not to mention the 365 beaches, I could happily spend a week or so aboard a boat. With both Antigua and the neighbouring island of Barbuda almost completely surrounded by coral reefs, the diving and snorkeling are reputed to be amazing as well. Reputedly, Barbuda has a pink beach over 16km (ten miles) long. I’d love to walk that beach.


So, all in all, Antigua sounds like an ideal destination. Now all I have to do is write and sell enough books to afford to go there.