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I’ve been stuck in the editing cave for months now. In fact I started editing my next book to be released in January and now I’m neck deep in edits for a second release this year. So I thought I’d reminisce in this post about a more enjoyable cave adventure I’ve experienced – black water rafting in Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. (The photo here is off the Pancake Rocks in nearby Punakaiki. The one of me rafting isn’t very good but is below).

I’ve been to Greymouth twice, a boast I’m sure not even many Kiwis can claim. It’s not a flock-to-destination like Queenstown or Mount Cook, but I think it’s worth a stop for a day or two. The entire West Coast of the South Island is amazing. There is breathtaking scenery and natural phenomenon to amaze even the most jaded traveller. But one adventure I’ll never forget is black water rafting.

Just what is black water rafting, I hear you ask? Is it white water rafting, navigating a raging river in an inflatable boat, but at night? No. At the core of black water rafting is that other great sport, spelunking, or potholing as my British friends would say (they must have mighty large potholes in the UK). First you explore a cave, admiring all the amazing things like stalagmites and stalactites and in some NZ caves, glow worms (luminescent larvae). Eventually, you come across an underground river. Then you jump in the inflated inner tube you’ve been carrying with you and float down the river until you emerge into daylight once again. All the while, trying not to image what might be in the water, waiting to bite your tushy sticking through the hole in the inner tube.

It’s a great way to spend the day, doing something completely out of the ordinary. Caving, spelunking, or potholing is something I’d love to do more of, taking into account my mild claustrophobia. I’ve been in caves throughout the world, the most extensive of which were in Cappadocia, Turkey (see my post here). Of course, if I don’t get back to my book edits, I may be searching out a deep, dark hole to hide from my editor.

Enjoy the daylight, I hope to be joining you again soon.