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It’s still cold and dark outside so I’m staying a little longer in Thailand. Today I thought I’d talk about a couple of the daytrips my husband and I took and the second part of our stay in Thailand, at a gorgeous resort in Krabi.


We took a couple of tours on the island, or around it. One day we took a boat to some of the outlying islands, including the one where they filmed a James Bond movie, can’t remember which one. The island was small and crowded with other tourists but it was still fun. The scenery to and fro was amazing with tall rocks jutting out of the water like ancient sentinels. On the way back we also stopped at a floating fishing village. Our guide was very amusing and tried to get us all to do karaoke on the bus, except he wouldn’t give up the mike. On the way back to our resort, he announced that our last stop of the day was at a “cachuna factory”. We were all trying to figure out what he meant, were we going to see where they processed tuna? It was quite a relief to find we were visiting a cashew nut factory.


On another tour we visited a pineapple farm. The guide cut a pineapple off the plant and sliced it for us right there. It was still hot from the sun and so delicious my husband wouldn’t eat pineapple for years afterward, because it didn’t have the same taste. We also hiked through a jungle to a waterfall, although most of what I remember about that trip was my husband spotting all the spiders. I should have known then I’d be taking up pest control duties in our marriage.


After ten days in Phuket we went to a remote resort in Krabi, which is on the mainland. We had our own two story villa. Downstairs, the sofa was suspended from the ceiling. It was probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve stayed. Hidden in the resort grounds was a lagoon that you had to hike to. As it had rained recently the clay mud was very slippery and it was a hard hike, half the time we had to climb up by grabbing the vines. I never did get the orange stain from the mud out of my clothes. It also had one of the alleged top ten beaches in the world. But it didn’t surpass Wineglass Bay (see earlier post).