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Cold? I am. So today we’re heading off to Thailand to warm up. This country will always hold a special place in my heart— it’s where I went on honeymoon. Originally, we wanted to go to Grenada in the Caribbean, but as we were married in Canada, but living in England at the time, it was going to be hideously expensive. We realized that if we were going to have to fly back to the UK, we might as well continue eastward. With a bunch of special offers at the time, and the fact it was shoulder season in Thailand, we had a two week honeymoon for less than half the price of one week in Grenada.


Of course, our honeymoon was long before the devastating tsunami of 2004. Our hearts broke to see a place that held so many happy memories destroyed, not to mention the loss of life. I haven’t been able to watch any of the movies or read the books about the events of that dreadful day.


If you’re planning a holiday to this area of Thailand, and if you can afford it, I would highly recommend staying at a resort with a private beach. This restricts the number of hawkers and others that wander the beach and disturb your relaxation. The place we stayed had a free shuttle into Phuket town so when we wanted to shop we could. I had a couple of dresses tailor made and bought a load of Thai silk that I still have. I’ll probably make a dress to wear to one of my children’s weddings from it. Yeah, I’m not very domestic.


One of the best things about a holiday in Thailand is the food. I love Thai food. We had nasi goreng for breakfast, satay for lunch and red curry for dinner.  At one restaurant we tried a shrimp dish, but it was too salty and we couldn’t eat it. It didn’t bother us because we tried something different, we didn’t expect to like everything we tried. However, the waitress was so upset that we hadn’t enjoyed it that they gave us a free dessert. Let me just say that Thai’s aren’t known for their dessert. We managed to eat the ice cream, but mostly because we were afraid that if we didn’t they’d offer us something worse.


The Thai people are wonderful and friendly. They seemed determined to make sure we enjoyed our holiday. Except maybe the little old lady who gave my husband a Thai massage on the beach and made him cry like a little girl. I was laughing to see my ripped husband reduced to a quivering mess by a granny. And I passed on the massage.


We had a fabulous honeymoon and every time I suggest a tropical holiday, my husband automatically replies, “In Thailand?” We will be back.