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Last post I promised someplace to relax. Me, I’m a beach person. Not so much just sitting on the beach and reading, I’m too pale to sunbathe for long without resembling a cooked lobster. I love to walk in the sand, just at the water’s edge as the waves lap at my feet. I can walk for miles, completely relaxed, until I look back and realize how far I’ve gone and have to re-traverse. The best beach I’ve ever walked is Wineglass Bay on the island of Tasmania. It’s a beach that can only be reached by hiking or boat so it’s relatively deserted, no overweight men in budgie smugglers to ruin the view—just white sand, green forest and a blue Australian sky.


Its isolation, however, is also its drawback. The relaxation is only temporary. Sooner, rather than later, you’re going to have to hike out. Unless you’re a rich romance hero(ine) and have your million dollar yacht moored offshore, now that would be the ultimate in relaxation.


So another great beach is Talipanan Beach on Mindoro Oriental in the Philippines. Not so far from civilization, it has nice sand, warm water and few people. If you walk long enough and wade through a couple of drainage channels, you can reach some fairly decent looking restaurants. While secluded, it is a public beach so there are vendors hawking their wares. They were friendly but not overly persistent and certainly in fewer numbers than on nearby White Beach.


Not everyone loves a beach, however. So another place I like to relax is in a cozy mountain cabin. Not during ski season, however, because then I just feel guilty about sitting around reading when I should be out skiing.  And during off-season these accommodations are much less expensive. Whistler, of course would be my first choice, world class restaurants, gorgeous hikes if I’m feeling energetic and a year-round entertainment schedule. And did I mention the spas? However even off-season Whistler is pricy so for a quick and cheap getaway, I’d probably head to Sun Peaks, forty-five minutes out of Kamloops.


Remote beaches or mountain retreats, those are my relaxation recommendations. Where do you go to unwind?