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In honour of Singapore Fling releasing on Monday, June 3rd, I'm going to do something a little different with the blog post today. We're going on a lightning quick tour of Asia, culminating in a party. And you're all invited. So, grab your virtual passport and away we go.


If you're a regular reader of this blog (thank you, thank you), you know that the story starts in London, England. "Wait," I hear you shout, "that's not in Asia." True, there's no fooling you. Although I think if I blindfolded you and took you to certain parts of London, or the Midlands for that matter, you may think otherwise. However, the story starts in London, at Claridge's Hotel. I wonder if setting the opening scene there will get me a discount on their room rate? From central London we quickly move on to Docklands before getting ready to depart for Asia. Got your neck pillow for the long flight?


First stop, Singapore. We'll spend a few minutes here, let's have a refreshing Singapore Sling in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. Mmmm, now, slightly light-headed we're going wander around the Botanical Gardens for a moment, enjoying a last minute of tranquility before we start our whirlwind tour.


It's a quick hop up the peninsula to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although not mentioned in the book specifically, this is where Jeremy gives his second presentation (after Singapore). No time to waste, we're back on the plane and heading to Hong Kong. A vibrant, diverse city, I recently visited here and will blog about this destination another time. But we're on a mission, or a business trip rather, so we can't linger.


China is our next stop, we'll spend a few days here, visiting several of the cities, unfortunately, there's not time to see the Great Wall, that will have to wait for a personal trip. One of the downfalls of business travel. Tired yet? Wait, we've got Japan next and visits to Tokyo and Kyoto.


Indonesia is next on our itinerary. Fabulous beach resorts, gorgeous scenery, too bad we're stuck inside an office building in Jakarta. Getting restless yet? Need a break? Don't worry, we'll come back to Indonesia for a little unwind in a few minutes. I hope you packed your virtual bathing suit.


First, we make a two day trip to Manila, Philippines. For once, Jeremy and Lalita get to spend an evening alone. Will they make the most of it? Too soon, we're back on the plane and heading for Mumbai, India. The last stop on our itinerary, from here we can fly back to London or Singapore, depending on where we call home. But Mumbai is where the secret gets revealed, so sightseeing is once again put on hold.


Right, I need a break. This trip has been not only physically, but mentally exhausting as well. What do you say we take a few days and head off to Sumba, Indonesia, stay at one of the world’s finest eco-resorts. Have a cocktail at the bar before wandering along the white sugar-sand beach. Watch the waves crash over the barrier reef. Ah, what to do tomorrow: snorkel, lie on the beach, go horseback riding? Choose your favourite, we've got two days.


Too soon it's time to go. Jeremy has to get back to London and Lalita has an emergency to deal with in Manila. Where are you heading off to? Wherever it may be, safe journey. See you back here on June 15th. Thanks for travelling with us today, hope you didn't catch any nasty bugs. Make sure you eat plenty of yoghurt when you get home.


Oh, one last thing before we air kiss at the airport. I'm giving away one electronic copy of Singapore Fling to a blog reader. If you'd like to enter, please fill in the entry form below. The contest runs from June 1st to 9th, I'll announce the winner on June 10th. I am also doing a blog tour to promote Singapore Fling, with other opportunities to win books. To see where I'll be when, check out the front page of this website, under Recent Blog Posts, or click here for my schedule.


Thanks for visiting today. I've had fun. How was it for you?