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Ah, yet another place I’ve not been, and not from a lack of desire to visit, I might add. This photo is courtesy of my sister-in-law who has just returned from a holiday in Indonesia. So, why did I choose to include a place I’ve never visited in my novel, especially, for the most romantic portion? Let me tell you a story (and despite my husband’s promptings, it doesn’t start with a dark and stormy night…)

A couple of years ago, while recovering from surgery, a friend brought me a magazine called Islands. It’s full of exotic destinations that, unless everyone in the English speaking world bought my books, I would never be able to afford to visit.  Please, everyone in the English speaking world, do buy my books when they become available so I can go to these places. But I digress, within the pages of this fantasy inducing periodical, was an article on Sumba and a special resort there called Nihiwatu. Okay, take a moment now to check out their website, but make sure you come back here, okay? http://www.nihiwatu.com/

Enjoy the dream? Nihiwatu is not only a fantastically beautiful and romantic destination but it is also one of the world’s best eco resorts. So, having researched this amazing destination, how could I not send one of my couples there?  I did say that many of these places would be vicarious adventures. Therefore, when Lalita and Jeremy from Singapore Fling need a break following the dramatic events in Mumbai, Sumba was the first place that came to mind.

Of course for my story I did change some of the facts about the resort, it is, after all, a work of fiction. I made the proprietor Australian and made it much more difficult for my couple to get there than in real life. However, I hope the ambiance and beauty of the place come through in my descriptions and you can feel you are there, along with Lalita and Jeremy.

I’m afraid that’s about it for the exotic locations mentioned in Singapore Fling. The novel has been sent to several publishers and I’m just waiting to hear if anyone is interested in acquiring it. In the meantime the story I am currently writing, Dare You to Love Me, takes place in Britain. As I’ve already posted a couple of entries about London I think I’ll take a wee break from story inspired destinations and blog a bit about random places I’ve visited.