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As we toured Stockholm last post, let’s stay in Scandinavia and visit Copenhagen today. My grandfather was from Denmark so it’s a country I’ve always wanted to visit. But aside from a change of planes in the airport (very nice airport by the way) I haven’t had time to explore this side of my heritage.

The first thing I’d do in Copenhagen is get a pastry and make my way to Tivoli Gardens and wander around while eating it. This is probably horribly cliché, but there you go.  Then after a photo op at the Little Mermaid statue, I’d head over to the National Museum to catch up on my Danish history and culture. To end my first day in Copenhagen, I’d make like a local and head over to Nyhavn, buy a beer and people watch on the quayside. When hungry, I’d pop into one of the nearby restaurants, hoping they serve more than the pickled herring and rye bread my mother used to eat to honour her Danish heritage.

Day two in my grandfather’s homeland would be castle day, I think. First stop, Rosenborg Castle, former home of the Danish royal family and current home of the treasury for royal regalia and jewels. Then there’s Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, north of Copenhagen, famed for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I guess everyone must decide for themselves whether a visit is “to be or not to be” on their itinerary. If you decide to skip Kronborg because it reminds you too much of grade 9 English lessons, don’t despair, there are lots of other castle and palaces to choose from. To name a few: Frederiksberg Castle, Bernstorff Castle, Christiansborg Palace, Amalienborg Palace and Fredensborg Palace. They all have different opening times, some are only open to visitors during the summer, so check when you get there (or ahead of time if you’re organized).

There are also lots of museums and art galleries to keep you occupied if the weather is inclement. But if it’s beautiful, I suggest a whole day just wandering the city. I’d wander in and out of the shops and cafes, and generally chill. Bike riding is very popular here and you can easily rent a bike and pedal around if that suits you better.

If, like me, you have Danish blood in your veins, you could indulge your inner Viking and explore the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde or the Viking Village in Frederikssund. A little farther afield is the Trelleborg Viking Fortress or Lejre Land of Legends which is billed as a theme park and from the photos at least appears to be part hands-on experience.

Castles, palaces, Vikings, pastries, beer – what more could you want? Until the 15th



photo credit: Copenhagen via photopin (license)