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“The hills are alive…” Come on, you knew it was coming sometime, might as well get it over with at the start. The Grand Prix of Austria was held last weekend in Spielberg, home of Red Bull Racing. I’ve never been to Austria, but my husband has. So today’s blog is going to follow a slightly different pattern. I’m going to interview him about his time in the country.

Me: How many times have you been to Austria?

Hubs: Twice. Both on ski trips from school.

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Montreal, CanadaMontreal, Canada

We’re still following the Formula 1 races around the world, so this post we’re in Montreal, Canada. And guess what? I used to live here. Okay, it was for less than two years and I was only eight years old so I don’t remember much. Except there was a meadow near where I lived and my friend and I used to collect the caterpillars and watch them turn into Monarch butterflies and then release them. I’m pretty sure that meadow is now a strip mall. My parents and younger brother also lived in Montreal when I was 20 and I visited them there a couple of times so not all my memories are ancient.

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Nice, France

Nice, France

The last Formula 1 race was held in Monaco (don’t get me started on the results), but as I’d already blogged about Monaco and my attendance at the Grand Prix here, I thought this time I’d talk about the nearby city of Nice. Nice is nice, very nice, you should go.

I have actually been there twice. The first time I was a single, young woman and I arrived by overnight train from Biaritz.  

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Barcelona, SpainBarcelona, Spain 

Yay, a place I’ve been, although in all honesty, only for a day. When I was working in London the travel agent through whom I booked my boss’s flights took a load of admin assistants there for the day. We flew business class, which within Europe really isn’t that big a deal, then we had a short city tour and then a couple of hours to wander around before we flew back to London.

So, what did I do during my eight hours in Barcelona?

First, I went up a hill to get an overview of the city. Then there was a visit to the Sagrada Familia cathedral. I didn’t go in, just sat outside and marveled at the architecture. Construction started in 1882 and it’s projected that it will be completed in 2026. Talk about taking your time. It is definitely an interesting building, not really my cup of tea but then I tend to prefer classical architecture.

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